Payment Gateway Integration

" Convenient way of making your payments online "


In the fast moving business world of today, it is essential to have an online presence and no business can deny the requirement of the same. If you are setting up an online business and want to provide your customers a secured payment option then payment gateway integration shall be a mandatory step. Payment gateways that come with a shopping cart provide the customers the required ease of transaction and it is easier to come back to the website again and again when such a system is present.

It is no more valid to have a traditional payment system in your website where you will have to do the final billing at the end of the day and put in the billing information every time in case of a recurring payment.

In case of traditional payment acceptance, you require to remember to batch items at the end of the day which is not there in a payment gateway. These days, it is easy to integrate payment gateway such as PayPal, CC Avenue, Authorize.Net, EBS, ATOM, PAY U India, payzippy and more to your website and entering just the HTML code will do the needful.

There are a multitude of benefits that is offered by companies working on Payment gateway integration in Chennai India. We pride ourselves as one of such companies and we offer business solutions in this regard.

We provide payment gateway integration to the websites from the following providers

1. PayPal


3. CC Avenue

4. EBS


6. PAY U India

7. payzippy

etc and you can trust our system which provides all the features of payment gateway.

A payment gateway provides peace of mind not only to the website owner but also to the customers as payments through such gateways are always secured. The process takes lesser time and it is not required to enter payment information again and again in case of recurring payment.

Once the customer chooses to pay every month to the website, the gateway records the billing information and deducts the money on the particular date every month. So, you don’t require checking the details again and again and the customers get the convenience of payment. You will just receive an email every month when the card is billed.

You have to incorporate a shopping cart along with the payment gateway. Today, there are some shopping cart software available in the market that come with an integrated payment gateway. This makes purchasing merchandise easy and convenient.

Quickbook program is another benefit of the payment gateway that cannot be missed. You can setup Quickbook plug into your payment gateway and it would make deriving data from the gateway quite easy. The double entry problem can be eliminated by integrating such a system to the total process of payment.

If you are building a website of your own, then understanding the process of payment gateway integration is not going to be easy. There are several companies in Chennai, India which takes care of your website building and payment gateway integration.

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