E-Commerce Web Development in Dubai

" Ecommerce portal makes your busineess easier with huge profits "


E-commerce has pretty quickly become popular with everyone; you just open your browser and there are ads of thousands of companies selling products starting from shampoo to sofa, online. For the net savvy generation this is something really enjoyable, whereas for many of the older generations e-commerce might not still hold that appeal.

E-commerce involves selling of products through the internet. Internet is one of the most cost effective platforms to establish a business, and you only need an ecommerce portal for selling your products online. ecommerce portal development is not a very expensive service, and it involves least hassles to start with a new venture.

Selling online gives your business the maximum reach. Internet can reach people across the world within the blink of eyes, providing even the start-up businesses the same platform as of the big companies.

E-Commerce Websites developed by Alminma Solutions would have the following features and functionalities:

E-Commerce – Features & Functionalities

Features from Customer Perspective

  1. Register and become a member of the site
  2. Search products of their interest
  3. Select the products of their choice
  4. Add those products to shopping cart
  5. Check the total invoice amount
  6. Pay the invoice amount using PayPal/Credit Card
  7. Purchase products online
  8. Choose the preferred mode of shipping
  9. Take a print of their invoice
  10. Email invoice to their account

Features from Site Owner/Admin perspective

  1. Register and become the Administrator
  2. Add latest products on daily basis
  3. Modify the product description / price / photographs
  4. Edit/modify/add unlimited web pages and create links
  5. Create or Update latest news and product/seasonal/festival offers
  6. Get e-mail notification on every purchase done online
  7. Update latest news online
  8. Approve or disapprove the customer registrations
  9. Check the customer log and invoice log
  10. Download the sales report in excel format
  11. Change the terms and policy details
  12. Take a report on daily sales
  13. Print or Email the reports
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